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  • andermatt
    Snow covered luxury from
    The Alpine oasis nestling in a Swiss mountain landscape
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Region Uri

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The Chedi

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Andermatt —
the Alpine paradise

In the heart of Europe’s Alpine region and surrounded by breathtaking mountains and valleys, Andermatt is perfectly situated in idyllic mountain scenery. Hardly any other location in Switzerland combines traditional Region values so uniquely with the vision of a luxury, state-of-the-art holiday destination. Welcome to Andermatt.

Central location

Europe and Switzerland

Switzerland is centrally located on Europe’s map and combines different cultures with nature’s diversity in a single country. Experience the historical cities, Mediterranean lakes and vistas, Alpine mountain regions and a flourishing economy with independent currency.


Fine chocolate and superior quality

Europe’s geographical centre is famous for fine chocolate and delicious cheese, and also for romantic mountains, superior quality and the stability of its economy.


Gotthard and tradition

Andermatt is in the Canton of Uri, one of the founding cantons of the Swiss Confederation. Timeless values still count today in the Gotthard region. The locals feel the same affinity for nature and mountain traditions today as they did in the past.


Between two worlds

The Alpine oasis nestles in unspoiled mountain scenery. Its central north-south location puts Milan just two hours and Zurich an hour and a half away.

1 museum
2 sledge runs
4 river sources
6 churches
16 Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) huts
24 farms and forestry operations
40 mountain lakes
250 km mountain biking and cycle trails
809 buildings
1447 m above sea level
1545 residents
6226 ha real estate

Back in time
from mountain valley to travel hub

Andermatt’s history is marked by myths and legends, as well as economic highs and lows. Since the construction of ‘Devil’s Bridge’ in Schöllenen Gorge, Andermatt has been a pivotal communications hub for travel on the north-south axis, as well as on the east-west axis.

Its first heyday followed the building of the Gotthard railway tunnel in 1882. Shortly afterwards, interest in Andermatt peaked for a whole century when the location was a strategically vital area for Swiss national defence. Andermatt’s third important era has already commenced – with the Andermatt Swiss Alps Project.

‘Devil’s Bridge’

Gateway to the south

The fast-flowing River Reuss was always a virtually insurmountable barrier on the journey over the Gotthard Pass. The first bridge in Schöllenen Gorge was built in 1200. According to local legend, this bridge was the devil’s work. Yet because the local people evaded their promise to pay a toll, the devil supposedly cast a giant stone towards the bridge. But he missed and the 220-tonne stone is still visible today near Göschenen.
‘Devil’s Bridge’

The spa resort

A decade of hotel hospitality

The accessible road over the Gotthard Pass and post stagecoaches made Andermatt a 19th-century travel hub between the Cantons of Uri and Ticino. The Hotel Bellevue opened for guests in 1872, heralding the rise of Andermatt as an Alpine tourist destination. For the next 10 years, visitors breathed healthy mountain air and relaxed in luxurious surroundings. This idyllic era was brief. The opening of the Gotthard tunnel in 1882 meant the town was bypassed and the tourists stayed away. The period of decline was short-lived, however. In 1885, the military training facility established the town as the focal point for national defences, influencing the Andermatt region for the next 100 years.
The spa resort

The ski location

Joining the pioneers

In 1937, Andermatt became one of the first Alpine regions in Switzerland to introduce a ski lift. The chairlift ascended from Nätschen to Stöckli Mountain. Local skier Bernhard Russi’s Olympic victory in 1972 in Sapporo made Andermatt an internationally famous skiing region. Expanding the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun will open up new dimensions for snow sports enthusiasts.
The ski location

The dam

A flooded valley

The biggest threat to the Andermatt region was the idea of constructing a large dam to generate power in the Urseren Valley. The population rejected this idea twice (in 1920 and 1946), successfully blocking this major project. The valley would have been flooded on an immense scale – today, the entire Andermatt valley would be covered in water as far as the city of Realp. Marmorera Dam is an example of what the Gotthard region has been spared.
The dam

James Bond

Three minutes of fame

Andermatt achieved international fame as a film location in ‘Goldfinger’, probably the best-known James Bond movie starring Sean Connery. The scene lasted just three minutes – James Bond stops at a petrol station to let Bond girl Tania Mallet climb into his Aston Martin and drive over the Alpine Pass.
James Bond

The Project

Samih Sawiris and Andermatt

After the Gotthard military site was closed, the search began for a new use for this unique area in and around Andermatt. It was a blessing to get the consultancy expertise of Egyptian businessman Samih Sawiris. His track record in developing sustainable year-round tourist destinations set things in motion. After the preliminary proposals and planning, the necessary changes to the resort’s location plans were firmly endorsed by the local municipal council in 2007.
The Project

The foundation stone

Andermatt Swiss Alps

The vision becomes a reality: on 31 August 2010, when the official ceremony was held laying the foundation stone of the 5-star superior luxury hotel The Chedi Andermatt. Building started on the first villa and various apartments. On 6 December 2013, the time arrived for a glittering reception to launch the landmark of the Andermatt Swiss Alps development – The Chedi Andermatt. Progress continues in leaps and bounds. The indoor swimming pool, more hotels, apartment buildings and villas, as well as the expansion of the SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun, are being planned or constructed. The 18-hole championship golf course completed in 2013 already attracts enthusiastic guests to the Urseren Valley.
The foundation stone

Four seasons
in Andermatt

The idyllic mountain landscape in the Swiss Alps is as varied as the four seasons. Reliable mountain snowfall, green meadows and slopes, cultivated and natural areas invite visitors to stay longer. Choose your favourite season:
1604 m.a.s.l.
1080 m.a.s.l.
St. Nikklaus
610 m.a.s.l.
670 m.a.s.l.
1000 m.a.s.l.
1310 m.a.s.l.
1435 m.a.s.l.
2033 m.a.s.l.
1130 m.a.s.l.